Thank you for taking time to learn more about the E-Giving Guide.


The purpose of this book is to help churches raise more money for ministry and mission by better using electronic media.  

Although philanthropy in the US is growing, churches continue to receive a declining portion of that philanthropy. Part of the challenge is that America is becoming significantly less dependent on paper currency (cash and checks) yet the church continues to count on paper currency as their primary media for donations. There have been warning signals for several years. Many churches face shrinking budgets and membership and are beginning to ask the right questions. The author's goal is to capture this teachable moment with a resource that will encourage pastors and church leaders to utilize tools already available to change the trajectory of their resourcing; because nothing is more important than what God has called them to do.

The banking and electronic payments industries have not made it easy for churches to understand their services or fees. This book will take the confusion and fear away and open churches to new possibilities.


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